Sexy Striptease Lesson

Art of a beautiful dance is not simple dropping of clothes, but also plastic, sexy acrobatics elements, an excellent extension and the tightened body. Those cam girls who love attention from guys are engaged in a striptease and appreciate themselves in many ways and one of them is sexy dances on live cams.


Striptease history

The name of this dance comes from the words strip — “to undress” and tease — “to tease”. Sacral dances with an exposure were known still in the ancient time. They were executed by priestesses of certain gods, Ancient Greek hetaeras and legendary amazons. Such dance had sacred value and entered into part of religious rituals. Later, already for entertainment and an enjoyment of a man’s look, “dance of a wasp” or “dance of seven covers” was thought up so-called. It was executed by the girl who is wrapped up in some translucent fabrics. The dancer was turned as the wasp who got confused in a web and gradually threw off from herself covers, remaining naked. This dance was popular in the east – it was executed by the most beautiful concubines for dear visitors of the owner.

At the time of the Middle Ages life was held down by severe religious dogmas, and the public exposure appeared under a ban. The striptease began new life only during the Education era – as his predecessor it is possible to consider a cancan. The performers of this dance who are dexterously throwing up harmonious legs and showing lacy stockings had bad glory in decent society, but from its popularity of a cancan did not decrease. And in the middle of the 19th century there was the second ancestor of a striptease, a burlesque – the erotic show including dancing statements, small sketches and songs.

It is considered to be the founder of a modern striptease the well-known dancer and the spy Mata Hari. She organized the real performances from the dances – stepped on the stage covered with lobes of roses in exotic east clothes and was exempted from the attires under slow music. Mata Hari’s experience was adopted by circus dancers, arranging in wandering chapeaus of representation “only for adults”.

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Modern girl striptease

Presently this type of dance is executed in specialized a strip clubs, or in normal night institutions as part of the show program. To become prettier stripper, the freedom and desire to earn money does not suffice. The best dancers possess the ideal tightened body, high growth, plasticity, a good extension and flexibility. Also the stripper has to be friendly – in an operating time she should communicate with guests often. To get to an elite strip club not easy – it is necessary to pass a casting where estimate appearance and technology of dance. Also look at age: dancers have to be not more junior 18, but is not more senior than 27-30 years. But in good club always there are a lot of guests and professional protection, and the free sunbed, visual appearance, training of choreography, and often and accommodation is provided to girls.

Features of cam striptease

For each exit of the girl obtain so-called “guarantee”. Normally it is very modest sum which is enough only for a taxi. The stripper has the main part of the income from tip. Also the teasing – stimulation of guests on purchase of drinks and food from the menu practices in many clubs. The guest treats with cocktail the pleasant girl, and percent from the order are enlisted in her personal account. It is possible to earn and by means of private dance or implementation of the crazy-menu point – the special list of additional erotic services. Here the dancer’s body art, giving of food on a naked body of the girl, rough-casting of the stripper whipped cream, etc. can enter.

Good income is gained not so much by the most beautiful, how many the most liberated and sociable girl. Such dancers often have regular customers coming simply to communicate to the cheerful beauty. Intimate strip clubs are, as a rule, prohibited, but some girls earn additionally it in time, free from exits. However, it is not approved by many strippers.
Training in a striptease

The normal women who are not going to act in clubs want to learn often strip moves. Pass lessons on strip plastics in many dancing schools – on them the movements of a classical striptease, but without undressing are studied. Women learn to improvise beautifully under slow music; to work with subjects – a shirt, a shawl, a cane; to dance in orchestra seats, that is lying on a floor. Much attention is paid to the flexible movements of hands and the body. Sometimes on occupations the pole is used. The striptease on a pole is rather difficult and demands good coordination, strong muscles and an extension. At long training the body of dancers becomes relief and tightened.

Also it is possible to learn strip moves at home. The set of Video lessons on sexy strip plastics where the movements step by step speak is posted online and simple sheaves are shown. Video instructions can be bought on a disk, then they will be with you at any time. House training will not demand a lot of place, and results will be visible already in few weeks. The correct and regular training will teach to move plastically, and the dancing girl can always be recognized on graceful gait and smooth gestures. However, correctly to do these or those movements is does not mean yet to dance a striptease. In addition, it is necessary to train the internal state, a freedom and art of a seducing.